dogs are brilliant problem solvers and dogs do what works for them.


when we look at the dog in front of us we consider the whole dog. breed type and social/environmental history help us figure out what the dog needs and what we can do to fulfill that need, support our dog and get our own needs met. young dogs often need more parenting to get it right. adult dogs may not actually know what we think they know and need to build new habits. often times behavior issues are the direct result of a dog figuring out how to cope because they have not have a good support system in place.


there is no one size fits all. when we take the time to build a great relationship we reap the benefits for the entire life of the dog.


fear and intimidation play no part in teaching and training.

realistic expectations are the key to a great outcome.


me with my newest puppy, Kitty

about me


i became interested in dogs, like a lot of people, when i got my first dog as an adult. zuzu was a lively, fun dog who was naturally very connected to us. i worried that training her would change or dampen her spirit. it turns out that reinforcement based training does the complete opposite. our bond grew deeper and sharing a language allowed us to clearly communicate. it made life less stressful for both of us.

i became a certified professional trainer in 2008. i completed the Karen Pryor Academy in 2018. I attained Family Dog Mediation certification in 2021.

i follow LIMA principles (https://m.iaabc.org/about/lima/)

my particular interests are leash reactivity, social sensitivity and cultivating cooperation.


i love working with dogs and families who are struggling. I also love working with puppies and dogs who need the skills to better follow the household rules.


helping your dog be his best self is the goal.